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By admin December 1, 2022 In 2022-23

Week 9 – L1s take a point, M1s now take a break

WH&E L1 0 : 0 Old Merchant Taylors W1

I can’t really remember the game very well….

  1. Shell tried really hard to let them score – she gave up on 16s and made Sam take one in the end.
  2. If Bethany shouts for the ball and is in the perfect position, she won’t stop it.
  3. If Bethany has the ball in the middle of the pitch, she will run round in circles with it and beat like half their team before she can find anyone and win a short corner.
  4. Beth has begun her campaign to return to defence by not scoring – even when she and Sam #deaneteam run up the pitch
  5. Both teams decided that the pitch stopped at each 25. No one really wanted to score…

DOTD – Bethany for getting lost in the middle of the pitch and not being able to stop any pass.

MOTM – Gemma solid defending and excellent pushing forward all game.

WH&E M1 2 : 5 West Hampstead M5

The M1s stepped out onto a floodlit pitch on Saturday, grey clouds ominous overhead. The game began at a vicious pace with both teams showing that they were very much up for the game and wanting to assert dominance early.

West Hampstead scored first, a scrappy finish after several fantastic saves from Josh and Calum with some heroic off the line saves. Alas it was not enough and so 0-1 to West Hampstead. Winchmore settled, moved the ball around, well, all except captain Ollie who threw a monster “unnecess-aerial” over the fence and firmly into the bushes. However, we struggled to gain traction.

A lifted “dangerball” pass into our circle was deftly deflected goalward by West Hampstead leaving them 2 goals up!

Right enough was enough, Winchmore pushed into another gear, a commanding display of composure ensued! Very much not the Winchmore way, but we will definitely take it. Strong forward pressing led to our first short corner!

Finally, some redemption for Ollie as he stepped up and slotted a drag flick, low to the keepers left.

Half time

Shortly after the whistle our continued efforts led to another short corner, this time Colin to hit from a slipped short injection from Asher, denied by the post! But, we know how tenacious Colin can be, this was going to be a goal if he had anything to do with it, 1,2,3 a 4th save into the air from the West Hampstead keeper and Colin had his chance, an over the head scooping stick guided the ball home to make it 2-2. Game on.

Now, after such a display could Winchmore continue to play this outstanding hockey and push on to victory…well the scoreline answers that. A very much typical Winchmore mad 5 minutes left us 5-2 down. A mountain we just couldn’t possibly summit with the available time.

Thank you though to all who turned up and gave me 110%, the men’s section is really showing promise and I as captain am really enjoying playing with you all! Man of the match goes to Theo Chapman, who came up from the 2s and showed real grit and composure. He’s still not convinced, but he’s one of the most natural RB’s I have seen so I look forward to seeing him continue to develop and give those seniors in that role a run for their money in the future!

Rest up now gents over the Christmas period, by all means please assume the compulsory gluttony of Christmas indulgence, but be ready for fitness the moment we are back in the new year!!

Signing off as DOTD: Ollie Taplin M1s captain

WH&E L2 1 : 8 Hampstead & Westminster W6

After last week’s win we were fired up, ready for a tough battle against one of the tops of the league.

We started strong, brilliant 1-2s and plays up the pitch, a great exhibition of what we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

This culminated with the first goal of the game 15 minutes in, some great teamwork from Gem and Kareen, finishing with Charlotte sinking it to the back of the goal.

No one needs to know about the rest.

No game for the M2s this week…

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