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By Luke Trevill August 30, 2023 In 2023-24, Mixed, Social

WHE Hockey at AHC International Summer Hockey Cup in Budapest

Winchmore Hill & Enfield Hockey Club Triumphs at AHC International Summer Hockey Cup in Budapest

A tale of spirited competition, camaraderie, and sizzling heat unfolded as Winchmore Hill & Enfield Hockey Club ventured to Budapest, Hungary for the AHC International Summer Hockey Cup on 26-27 August 2023. The club’s participation in this prestigious tournament, featuring two teams this year, was a resounding success that illuminated the team’s prowess on the international stage.

With enthusiasm and determination, Winchmore Hill & Enfield Hockey Club proudly entered two teams, showcasing their commitment to the sport’s growth and their own prowess. The teams, christened WHE Wanderers and WHE Nomads, comprised skilled players who exemplified the spirit of the club. The WHE Wanderers included Luke, Dom, Shell, Bethany, Pippa, and Jake, while the WHE Nomads boasted talents like Dan, Calum, Nellie, Lisa, Amy, and Harry. These teams however were interchangable through the use of subs, to help battle through the heat.

A pivotal presence guarding the goalposts for both teams was Balazs, who displayed unwavering dedication throughout the tournament. Additionally, a special nod goes to Jess, who provided exceptional support to Harry during the journey and cheered on both WHE teams.

This international rendezvous united six teams, including the local Alibi Team, PHC, SZLG DSE Gyeplabda, and AHC, all hailing from Budapest, Hungary. The tournament’s initial phase, a group stage, saw each team engaging in spirited matches to determine their standing. Day two witnessed the formation of smaller groups engaged in a round-robin format to crown the eventual champions.

Day one’s battles left a mark, with results as follows:

  • WHE Wanderers: 1-1 draw vs SZLG, 3-0 win vs AHC, 3-2 loss vs Alibi Team, 3-0 Loss vs PHC.
  • WHE Nomads: 4-1 loss vs Alibi Team, 3-0 loss vs PHC, 3-2 loss vs AHC, 2-2 draw vs SZLG.

Amidst intense competition and soaring temperatures of up to 42 degrees, a wise decision to grant a 0-0 bye for the anticipated Wanderers vs. Nomads clash was made, ensuring player well-being.

In a testament to their prowess, the WHE Wanderers progressed to the higher group on day two, contending for the coveted tournament victory. Meanwhile, the WHE Nomads tackled their matches with determination, vying for a respectable placement.

Day two’s battles unfolded:

  • WHE Wanderers: 4-2 loss vs Alibi Team, 4-1 loss vs PHC.
  • WHE Nomads: 3-2 win vs SZLG, 2-1 loss vs AHC.

The final tally revealed the WHE Wanderers securing an impressive 3rd place finish, while the WHE Nomads valiantly clinched the 5th spot. Adding a touch of irony, the 42-degree heat the teams braved on Sunday coincidentally marked the hottest day of the year thus far.

Winchmore Hill & Enfield Hockey Club extends heartfelt gratitude to all participating teams, for their sportsmanship and warm welcome to Budapest. As part of the award ceremony, the host teams generously shared gifts, a gesture greatly appreciated by the visiting club.

With heads held high and a yearning for another round of exhilarating hockey, Winchmore Hill & Enfield Hockey Club enthusiastically declares, “We will be back next year to win it all!” This spirited display of sportspersonship and excellence further cements their strong ties with the wonderful hockey clubs within Hungary.